Friday, 26 March 2010

Cat Killers ... Euthanize, Euthanize, Euthanize

Yet more people are furious as RSPCA Inspectors cruise their towns, picking up stray cats and dogs and usually - as they usually do with all animals thast fall into their hands - killing them (like Daleks) just as soon as they think they can and get away with it. It's time someone sued them and sought some big damages. Here are just a few of the more recent examples. Isn't it strange, though, that these awful stories never seem to capture the imagination of our pro-RSPCA national media?

RSPCA loss after Caernarfon pet is put down
Brighton man furious after RSPCA put down his cat
RSPCA killed our cat, say heartbroken Norwich family

Wednesday, 17 February 2010

One week, but millions of pounds in costs wasted

The RSPCA is highly litigious and likes to reward its in-house and out-house lawyers very well for the loyalty which the charity demands. However, even the charity's lazy trustees, who are usually preoccupied with politics, are beginning to ask questions about what happened last week. Two RSPCA High Court cases came to a conclusion - RSPCA v Gill and RSPCA v Mason.

In both matters, its unsupervised, greedy - and uselessly vicious - lawyers got a massive kicking from the High Court bench. In addition to the two huge orders for costs - one of which is on the indemnity basis and the other totals well over £1m - the RSPCA will also have to pays the costs of its own lawyers. That's an awful lot of money - especially now that donations are drying up and the charity's income is in free-fall. Apparently there are not so many sad, ill-informed, pensioners who are prepared to give hundreds of thousands of pounds to the RSPCA in the forlorn hope that the charity will look after their cats and dogs when they die - rather than apply the captive bolt.

In RSPCA v Mason & Others, Mr Justice Peter Smith made an order for indemnity costs worth hundreds of thousands of pounds against the charity to reflect his displeasure at the unreasonable behaviour of the charity (or more precisely its out-of-control £400 an hour lawyers). The RSPCA, through its lawyers, had acted unreasonably in launching "hopeless" litigation against a 85 year old man, and two others in their seventies, which stood no chance of success. After the litigation, the RSPCA was branded "disgusting" by probate specialist Clare Kelly from London lawyers Anthony Gold who acted for 85 year old Mr Mason - who the RSPCA sought to deprive of all but £20,000 of his brother's £1m estate.

In RSPCA v Gill & Others, Deputy High Court Judge James Allen QC made an order that the RSPCA should pay £1.3 million pounds in costs. Again, the judge was highly critical of the RSPCA's refusal to accept Dr Gill's offers to settle, her offers to engage in mediation and engage in reasonable settlement dialogue. The charity's laweysrs had offered Dr Gill just £50,000 of her parents' £2m estate - no doubt they wanted the bulk of the estate to pursue other hopeless litigation with. The case saw Dr Gill's own lawyer, Mark Keenan, have to defend the conduct of his own firm against a web of false allegations spun by the RSPCA's infamous PR Department.

Complaint to the Charities Commission (prop. "Baroness" Suzy Leather) anyone?

RSPCA v Mason - Judge criticses RSPCA over will battle
RSPCA v Gill: RSPCA ordered to pay lecturer's £1.3 million legal costs
Independent - How the RSPCA bites the hand that feeds it
RSPCA slammed as ‘disgusting’ as it loses will battle

Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Rosedene Animal Rescue - was using 50 police officers and RSPCA to raid a kennel run by volunteers a teensy-weensy bit "heavy handed"?

The taxpayer funded yet another anti-competitive police raid on a non-RSPCA affiliated kennels. Was the use of 50 officers and RSPCA, when doing so, a teensy-weensy bit heavy heanded or disproportionate? The RSPCA depends for its livelihood on taking a tithe from the local animal sanctuaries that it allows to use its brand - using the police to shit kennels than compete with it is therefore an important part of its business. How is it that the RSPCA are able to call up their mates in the police and get this type of service - together with a few illegal PNC checks and other breaches of RIPA and the Data Protection Act. Sanctuaries and rehoming kennels do not pay RSPCA's palatial HQ, where the greedy lawyers and 'meeja' types from the PR department hang out - so they need must be stopped. Three Rosedene dogs did not meet the RSPCA's infamously-strict "rehoming criteria" - you know the ones that, according to the RSPCA when they were defending the ASA complaint, have never resulted in a Hone for Life dog being killed (or 'bolted' as their more feral pretend 'inspectors' now call it). The web is full of other stories of the same thing happeneing to kennels, pet shops and other commercial targets - Pat Seager, Clifford Spedding (both covered in the recent File on 4) experienced this heavy-handed disproportionate use of police to crush people who dare to rescue and look after animals withoout paying for the RSPCA's precious - and jealously guarded - brand. Have the RSPCA ever raided one of their own franchises? Have they ever raided a Freedom Food farm? If you don't know the answer, then ask Hillside Animal Sanctuary - who are, it should be pointed out, hyper-vigilant, because they must be at the top of the RSPCA's long hit-list.

Rosedene Rescue attacks RSPCA's treatment of its seized dogs
Owner hits out at RSPCA raid at Rosedene Animal Rescue Centre
Campaign launched in defence of axed Rosedene Rescue Centre
Dogs removed after 50 officers and RSPCA raid Rosedene kennels

Thursday, 7 January 2010

RSPCA - Dogs are "an ideal way to move deer from a wood'

Has anybody noticed that even the RSPCA appears to be subtly abandoning the Labour Party. Cameron and his buddies all regularly "riding to hounds", it is interesting to note that even John Rolls has been saying that "the Hunting Act has never been about stopping the activity of riding to hounds" . The Political Animal Lobby - a partnership between the RSPCA and IFAW - gave over £1,000,000 to the Labour Party to ban hunting and "riding to hounds". The gift was arranged by the Campaign to Protect Hunted Animals (CPHA), another partnership between IFAW, the RSPCA and LACS. Perhaps the Labour Party can't even rely on this type of cash come June, when the Faustian bargain must end?

Hunting Act flawed - and the League knows it
John Rolls - "Hunting Act has never been about stopping the activity of riding to hounds"

Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Animal Rights - Socialist or National Socialist?

Today we name-check "Keep Fascists Out of Animal Rights". We are concerned that the same thing is happening to the animal rights movement today that happened in the 1930s. Mary Dudley Ward's book "Jewish Kosher" was published by a well-known animal rights charity and if you are unlucky enough to see a copy of the original 1944 RSPCA version (not the 1951 watered down one) you will be as taken-aback as disgusted by its raw anti-semitism. Why, exactly, is animal rights SHAC jailbird Charlotte Lewis a BNP candidate? Why is BNP Councillor Mark Logan allowed to get his fat ugly mug in the local paper with RSPCA Inspectors when a bunch of BNP thugs did up their office? That won't help minorities trust them when they get raided (and don't forget that "98% of dog fighting work is Asian", according to the RSPCA's team leader Ian Briggs). Police officers are kicked off the force for being BNP members, but RSPCA staff get their picture on the front page and nothing is said or done. Why is the RSPCA trying to get kosher and halal meat banned in the EU - don't they like the idea of school children getting a proper meal? Why does BNP Deputy Leader Simon Darby keep name-checking the RSPCA? Why is the RSPCA doing nothing to control BNP fascists with fighting dogs (see today's Dog Magazine), and focussing on Islam? There are more questions than answers.

Keep fascists out of animal rights!
BNP Community Action Team and Cllr Mark Logan Keep RSPCA Office Open
Animal Rights in Nazi Germany
RSPCA seeks EU ban on Halal and Kosher meat
BNP's bid to ban halal meat from schools is thrown out
RSPCA - "Out of all the work we do 98% is Asian"
Have the RSPCA failed to act on dog-fighting?

Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Spare a thought for "Jenny", her mum and dad

As we look forward to a new year in 2010, spare a thought for "Jenny". "Jenny", now 7, spent another Christmas apart from her mum and dad. The poor girl who was ripped from her parents home because they did not like being raided by armed police and the RSPCA. Her parents were heavily involved in local Conservative politics, and her Mum was Vice-Chairman of Charles Hendry MP's Conservative Association. Sadly, her dad was a dog breeder - and that would get him booed at the pantomime that takes place every day in the RSPCA's palatial Horsham HQ. Hendry has done all he can, but have you? Have you written to the Head of Social Services in East Sussex, yet?

Daily Mail - I want to come home mummy: Aged five, 'Jenny' was torn from her parents by social workers after an RSPCA raid. Now a court says she must be adopted

Telegraph - 'Secret agenda to score adoptions'

Monday, 4 January 2010

Derby Telegraph

"Our RSPCA Support's a Winner" - Oh no it isn't!

Perhaps someone needs to send a letter to Derby Telegraph's "Newsdesk", Editor (Steve Hall) and Deputy Editor (Neil White)? Perhaps some references might be made in such correspondence to the material in our "Suggested Sites"? No wonder local newspapers are having problems if they are driven to support a "charity" like the RSPCA to sell papers. It adds a whole new meaning to "campaigning journalism". How many disabled people or pensioners will be buying a copy of this "newspaper" at the moment? Perhaps there are still some people out there who are still buying Freedom Food thinking it's free range and who don't care about all the pets getting RSPCA captive bolts. Perhaps some people will be joining the RSPCA to support the excellent Labour Party crazy animal rights mob at the next election?

Derby Telegraph, Northcliffe House Meadow Road Derby, Derbyshire DE1 2DW
Tel: 01332 291111 Fax: 01332 253011

Sunday, 3 January 2010

The First Post

A new year and a resolution for 2010 - faithfully to report the extreme actions, inactions, views and politics of the private charity known as the RSPCA and, in particular, to focus on matters which the so-called liberals in our national media are unwilling to publicise.